Lightspeed Retail complete integration with Magento 2 ®.

  • Product catalog pulled from Lightspeed to Magento ®
  • Orders and Inventory levels pushed to Lightspeed
  • Lightspeed Manufacturers as Brands
  • Automated smart hash syncing

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Efficient background sync

New data is automatically synced between both platforms

Real-time stock levels

Quantities based on specific store locations or all of them


Changes in one place are cloned to the others

Manufactures as brands

Products are filterable by brand attribute

Category structure

Same tree structure used as root category

Images import

Products with single or gallery photos are imported on the fly


Get rid of third parties, manage your own data

Included Lightspeed Benefits


Fetch your full catalog with useful fields from Lightspeed

No extra fees or additional interfaces, this is centralized management friendly

Securely locked behind your Magento 2 ® admin. No unauthorized access

Syncs your Lightspeed product's images over to Magento 2 ®

Syncs your Lightspeed Matrix as Configurable products in Magento 2 ®

Syncs your completed orders back to Lightspeed with customer data

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Created for Lightspeed benefits

Created for

Admins wanting to minimize usage of the Magento ® interface

Management wanting to use Lightspeed catalog as centralized data source to feed Magento 2 ®

For those who seek a one-time fee, self-hosted, open-source solution for Magento 2 ®

Clients looking to filter Lightspeed Manufacturers as Brands in Magento 2 ®

Boosting productivity! Keep accurate data automatically synced between platforms

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Help Center and User Documentation

Those resources will allow you to properly align your business model along with the App logic

Help Center User Documentation
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    Tech Support

    Support provided via Zendesk 100% response rate ticketing system

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    Plug and Play

    Grant access to your Lightspeed account and App is ready to sync data

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    Endorsement Awarded

    Developed by certified Magento devs. Lightspeed and M2EQP approved

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Simple pricing, no recurring subscriptions. Add installation to your Cart for a complete turnkey solution

Magento 2 ® Integration with Lightspeed Retail

  • $399.00
    • Products with images
    • Matrix products
    • Completed orders pushed back to Lightspeed
    • Instant inventory deduction
    • Brands as Manufacturers
    • Automated sync via Cronjob
    • Products synced by Tag (beta)
    • Approved by LightspeedHQ
    • Approved by Magento Marketplace EQP
    • Free updates included for 1 year


  • $95.00
    • Equals to 1 hour of work
    • Includes 1x module installation
    • Server Shell access required
    • Magento ® Admin access required
    • Lightspeed Admin access required
    • Excluded setup: CRONJOB (contact hosting company)
    • Installation is NON-REFUNDABLE
    • Non expiring service


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